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Strengthen the floor to buy what issues should pay attention to?

Wood discoloration is mainly caused by the absorption of UV light, wood sapwood and heartwood to absorb UV light after the degree of discoloration will result in a certain degree of color pavement floor. Therefore, the paved floor do not long-term exposure to the sun, appropriate to take the necessary shading measures.

In addition to the normal light color, most in the geothermal environment. Before the hot floor pavement, most of the ground moisture content is about 20%, floor shop process, due to moisture-proof membrane damage, geothermal heating, a large number of moisture fleeing from the damaged floor into the floor, resulting in a drastic increase in the floor moisture content, wood Part of the dissolution of soluble matter and the role of a number of color-changing bacteria, leading to wood change or blue change. In some cases, in humid areas such as toilets and kitchens, the effects of alien moist moisture can also cause discoloration of local, local floors.

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