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Wooden floor paved waxing

Solid wood flooring comes from natural wood, no radioactive, formaldehyde-free, no harm to the human body. As long as the product is a regular manufacturer, we basically do not have to consider environmental protection, this feature is why many families value solid wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring from the entire piece of wood processing, solid wood flooring on the market now the same thickness of 18mm, this thickness ensures wear resistance. Solid wood flooring due to the small thermal conductivity of wood, it has a good thermostat effect, in the cold winter, people indoors activities will not feel stiff legs, unlike the strengthening of the floor as stepped on that cold.

Laying a good solid wood flooring has a very flexible, people walk on it whether it is temperature, touch, sense of foot is very soft and comfortable. Wood is solid wood flooring natural, its annual rings texture often gives a return to nature, return to basics feel, regardless of texture and beauty are unique, which is man-made floors in any case can not be achieved quality.

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