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how to do HIIT training for beginners

(High Intensity Interval Training) is currently trending. Unlike regular exercise, HIIT is a high intensity cardio exercise with a combination of movements performed within a short duration, ranging from 5-20 minutes. Although only briefly, the effect for the body is amazing. Want to try? Follow the following HIIT moves that CC recommend for beginners.

Before doing the core movement, do the warm up. Warming is important to stretch the muscles of the body so as not to be rigid. Useful also to avoid muscle injury during exercise. Heating can be done by jogging for 3 minutes. Give a 2-minute break for rest before getting into the core movement. (During break make sure body keeps moving)

The core movement of HIIT for beginners

Movement 1: Jumping the jack
Start with a standing position. Make the jump by opening your legs followed by straight arm movements and clapping on your head. Do it for 1 minute.

Movement 2: Plank
Start with push up position. Bend your arms to elbows 90 degrees so that the forearms touch the floor as a pedestal. Hold motion for 30 seconds.

Movement 3: Squat thrust
Start with a standing position, then squat, push up position, squat, stand back. Repeat as much as 1 minute.

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Movement 4: Plank
Repeat the plank for 30 seconds.

Movement 5: Squat jump
Start with a standing position, then jump on the squat, and jump up again. Repeat the movement for 30 seconds.

Movement 6: Ladder exercise
Take advantage of the stairs in your home. Perform one step up and down stairs for 1 minute.

Movement 6: Sit ups
Start with a supine position, bend both arms at the side of the body, and lift your head until you can look ahead. Bend your knees. Perform movement pulling forward the upper body, until the chest touches the thigh. To make it easier, ask your friend to hold the legs. Perform movement for 1 minute.

Take a leisurely walk for 3 minutes.

Note: Perform 10 seconds of breaks after a single motion, before moving on to the next movement. After doing the movement 1-6, do break for 2 minutes. During breaks make sure the body keeps moving). Then repeat the movement 1-6 twice, ending with cooling.
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