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How to clean and strengthen the floor

In the maintenance process, laminate flooring maintenance than solid wood flooring and parquet is much simpler. However, some problems are also more important than you need to pay attention to, otherwise it takes time, but the maintenance of the composite floor is even worse.

1, the floor can not be washed with water, that is to say we usually can not be used in the maintenance process wet mop, so easy to cause the wooden floor arching, moldy.

2, can not be used to clean the floor with a highly corrosive detergent, because the wear-resistant layer is aluminum oxide, followed by acid and alkali two substances can react, so that the surface of the composite floor easily lead to damage.

3, said one above, the surface of the composite aluminum oxide will also react with alkaline substances, so we clean the wooden floor, you can use clean water Taomi Shui, this is a both economical and the composite floor There is no good way to hurt.

4, to avoid sanding the surface of the composite floor with sandpaper, or waxing, painting.

All things need maintenance, maintenance can guarantee their life and ensure its quality. For laminate flooring, not only need maintenance but also for waxing. After waxing to ensure that the smoothness of its surface, the above introduced to you the maintenance method I hope everyone in the maintenance process have some inspiration. "[url=http://dieten.in/composite-floor/4357.html]home made fire pit mat[/url],[url=http://deepikaexim.in/railing/2786.html]decking in liver pool[/url],[url=http://dieten.in/outdoor-fence/2616.html]deck bench brackets composite[/url] "
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