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Picture of wooden floor in bedroom Floor weight

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d imported? General decorative paper, imported ink and paper made clear color, three-dimensional sense of strong anti ultraviolet, not easy to fade, domestic high-grade decorative paper can reach the level of import, but many low domestic decorative paper printed color blur, through the floor will appear the phenomenon of fading sunlight irradiation half. 2, the wear-resistant layer is reflected. Durable

wood flooring processing in wood wear layer wear depends on the processing technology of wood, determines the final use of the floor. The general household wood can wear more than 4000 revolutions. But good wood processing affected, wear resistance, resistance pollution has good reflect. Wear good quality flooring products are used more and more bright, no matter how long no pollution, and poor

quality of the wear-resistant floor is in use after a period of time gradually and no pollution of surface light. The reason is that in the wood floor in the production process, through a high temperature hot 240 degrees to wear layer, substrate, patterned paper, balance paper stuck together, wear-resisting layer through 240 degrees high melting temperature, due to processing conditions, the wear-resistant layer
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