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License allegedly fell into the hands to mmogo

STALKER 2, when the studio suddenly cancelled the game and shut down operations. Some of the remnants of the studio formed Vostok Games from the ashes, but the rights to STALKER became stuck in a quagmire. Amid rumors that Bethesda would secure the rights, the license allegedly fell into the hands of publisher BitComposer.Although more games from the NeverWinter Astral DiamondsRoadside Picnic-inspired series were promised from BitComposer, no more STALKER games appeared, with contradictory claims from various parties over who truly owned the STALKER rights.

Now, it looks like GSC Game World is reopening. In an interview with Games Industry, GSC original team member Valentine Yeltyshev reveals that the developer is back in action with a brand new titleand sheds some light on Madden 17 coins IOS why the studio originally closed.In the interview, Yeltyshev explains that the reason for the cancellation of STALKER 2 and the closure of GSC was not just a financial one. Instead, the decision was down to a number of factorsincluding issues with the STALKER sequel itself. Yeltyshev reveals that GSC was not ready to complete the game at the level of quality that was required,

due to personnel restraints. Rather than Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, STALKER 2 required building from the ground up.Unfortunately, publishers were only interested in funding the title when an Alpha-stage prototype could be seen. As it stood, GSC was still very early in development, with some levels, areas of the zone, some characters, and a new engine created. The sequel was also set to be released for Xbox 360, with plans to bring it to PlayStation. Could STALKER 2 still happen? Yeltyshev did state that GSC has all the assets, materials and engine.West Games, a developer who was working on a

Flash-based STALKER game at the time of GSC's demise, has made a claim to the asset and is working on a spiritual successor called STALKER Apocalypse. Yeltyshev refutes the developer's claim to the right to MMOGO use the STALKER name. We would definitely win the legal action against them, said Yeltyshev. West Games was previously working on a Kickstarter-funded STALKER-alike called Areal, but funding was suspended after the project broke Kickstarter's terms and conditions.It doesn't sound like the newly reopened GSC is looking back at STALKER, however. The developer is working on a brand new, unannounced game.
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