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wood - plastic flooring creates a stable and retro aesthetic feeling . The rice white floral cloth sofa , with European style elegant romantic atmosphere , then uses lace curtain and embossed wallpaper to decorate the sofa background wall , outstanding European style of retro aesthetic feeling . The dining room space platform was raised, the white table and chair between the antique floor tile and the retro

chandelier created a dreamlike sweet scene. The mirror decoration cabinet on the wall not only played the role of the dining side cabinet. As the dining room background wall, played a certain decorative effect. Open kitchen and restaurant form a dining room, the middle with the bar to do the separation. White cabinet door board with the style of furniture, color echo each other. It appears to be more holistic.

The arc - shaped platform functions as a function sub - zone , and the line of sight is also introduced into the area of the study room . The master bedroom has also been adopted seven antique floor, brown and white ground wall collocation is full of elegant sweet effect. The main health around the glass, the yellow tiles, showing warm retro charm. Children's room furniture into the sky blue and yellow color,
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