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chandelier created a dreamlike sweet scene

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more to cater to the child's love. Bunk bed not only to meet the children like to climb up and down the personality, but also to increase the space for inclusion. As well as the addition of beds when there are guests. Floating window position can be used as a leisure area, put on some dolls as decoration, can also sit here reading, enjoy the afternoon sun. Mirror decoration of the door. After closing more like

decorative wall, increased the sense of space. WPC decking: Concept : WPC decking also called wood - plastic floor , wood - plastic floor , because some enterprises often name some names , such as super - strong wood floor , diamond - type wood floor and so on for some different purposes , regardless of their name , how different , these boards belong to composite floor . The composite wood -

plastic floor is made up of four layers of materials , namely wear - resistant layer , decorative layer , high - density base layer and balance ( moisture - proof ) layer . Advantages: WPC Decking surface is containing aluminum trioxide wear-resistant paper. The general WPC Decking wear-resistant paper has reached 46 grams, wear-resistant rotation has reached 6000 rpm. Very wear-resistant. Because wood
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