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denotive price

than with the dollar denotive price. With dollar computation, europe (+ 7.9%) and the Oceania (+ the quarterly annulus of 6.1%) is compared go up highest, and North pvc flex banner sheet machine America (+ 2.8%) and latin america (+ of 2.2%) rise in price relatively gentle. 17 years global log price rises continuously Index of global log price (GSPI) is successive 3 quarters rise, 3 quarters achieved $75.69 / M3 2017. Rise

from 2Q / 17 5.1% was 2010 since flooring tiles sri lanka the biggest quarter ring compares amplitude. In addition, because the log price of each district of the recentest group rises ceaselessly, GSPI also is in 3 years of perch. Grow strong to the abidance of lumber demand as staple market and to curiuming wooden spending increases, the price index of a few quarters meets tomorrow easy inground plastic lattice south africa probably continue to rise. Euro

is denotive index of European log price (ESPI - €) also tended last year rise, although compare GSPI rate slower. Go one year the biggest go up an Europe in park benches for sale cheap happening in hamster to mix, be in polish, Austria and Germany especially, and the price of boreal Europe country appears only small rise. 224 batch percent of pass amounts to Shanxi furniture sampling observation 83% On December 29, 2017,

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