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How to buy laminate flooring

Wear-resistant rotation: This is a measure of the quality of the composite floor is an important indicator. Objectively speaking, the higher wear-resistant rotation, the floor should be used longer, but the level of wear resistance is not the only measure of the useful life of the floor standard. Under normal circumstances, the wear-resistant floor the number of revolutions to 1 million into superior products, less than 1 million transfer products, the use of 1 to 3 years after the wear and tear may occur to varying degrees.

After the water absorption rate: This index can be considered as qualified within 3%, otherwise, the floor in the face of moisture, or in the relatively high humidity, the surrounding tightness of the case, there will be deformation, affecting the normal use.

Formaldehyde content: This is a key indicator of whether the product we choose is harmful to our body, but easily overlooked by consumers. According to the European standard, formaldehyde content per 100 grams of the floor shall not exceed 9 mg, if more than 9 mg are unqualified products.

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