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second autograph makes

metre with the ground. This second autograph makes an appointment with an area 69715.03 square metre, filling indemnity forehead amounts to two billion three hundred and preventing composite lumber from fading nineteen million six hundred and eighty thousand yuan, achieve whole area autograph to compensate amount about most; The project uses a week time only about to the autograph from project approving, the autograph makes an

appointment with morrow to finish roll out wooden walkway out of pallets allocate funds, Yellow Bu city updates bureau chief to express, the success of this plot closes store, to driving " the 2nd CBD of Guangzhou " the land that Huang Bu faces harbor economy area closes store the job has great sense, area of adumbrative the economy that face harbor built the job to step the one pace of materiality. As we have learned,plastic 2x6 wood in Paris at present

project of living plot of market of lumber of piscine bead international tears open change to still be in phase of invite public bidding. According to announcement of invite public mold resistant composite decking in kennel bidding, living plot of market of lumber of piscine bead international reachs an industry with the workshop of ground limits, adjunct tear open change, state-owned land to reclaim etc need 2 years inside finish.

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