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layout, from the side of the installation

installation of lightweight partition board Raiders, over home to share here, I hope your light partition board installation help, for more decoration knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network .Fly ash lightweight wall is a kind of partition board, with green, sound insulation, construction and convenient features, widely used in home decoration, below we understand the nine

advantages of fly ash lightweight wall panels . 1, light materials with a variety of special cement and other inorganic materials and additives, with the slurry into the mixture by adding air, resulting in numerous single-hole micropores, and into a honeycomb, the product becomes more than wood Light, floating on the water. 2, insulation for the inner structure, without auxiliary insulation material, we can meet the

energy-saving insulation of our energy-saving residential requirements. 3, Impermeability Internal pores are independent of the closed hole, its diameter is about 1-2mm, can effectively prevent the moisture of scattered. 4, fire performance Raw materials and products are inorganic, will not burn. Experiments show that the fireproof material is the ideal, 9cm thick wall fire resistance capacity of more than 3 hours.

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