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life of the building without changing

40 �� 50 �� 90L-type iron fixed in the site should be fixed. 3, according to the layout, from the side of the installation. If there are doors and windows on the partition wall, from the door and window openings to the two sides began to install. Alignment ink line, with a crowbar try to pry at the bottom, the top tight top, tight edges, the bottom of the wedge firmly, plus reinforcement. 4, the installation, at any time

check the flatness, perpendicularity and other related items of inspection. 5, buried pipe laying should be synchronized with the partition wall installation, partition wall openings, holes should be drilled before installation, the hole should not be greater than 80mm �� 80mm; plumbing hanging pieces can not exceed 80 kilograms, more than 80 kilograms of hanging Pendants, must be installed in the partition wall fixed

embedded parts. 6, electrical wiring switches, sockets and other four weeks, filling the application smooth. 7, after the installation of partition board, the adhesive material must be dry, in order to carry out the next procedure, the normal need to install the day 10-15 days to decorate. 8, the installed partition wall can not afford the skin, corner, hollowing and cracks, according to the calculation of the plane of each

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