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wood export effectively

promote wood export effectively. 2017, yellow island area under administration leaves the country bamboo wood grass registers an enterprise to already amounted to 29, exit wood adds up to no need to polish composite picket fence 1.414 million, export money worth amounts to 653 million dollar, strong pull the metabolization that used entrance wood to use. Row of plank return class amounted to 2 Lian Hao spy 2017 43 The port of condition of exclusive pass in and

out of the 2 passageways in the Oubanlie in anti slip decking boards for sale serving as even grand spy port, the Ou Ban in moving in all 2017 arranges line 15, accumulative total runs 16. Annual moves in all in Ou Ban lists 569, mark box counts 48700 box, freight measures three hundred and fifteen thousand five hundred tons, goods is worth 2.618 billion dollar. Rise respectively compared to the same period 241% , 244% , 258% , 230% , came Fireproof fence wall panels to drove the

total of an amount 2016 2013 more than. building a pallet picket fence Export goods to wait with equipment of cap of shoe of building materials of electric home appliances metals, dress, communication, toy give priority to; Import owner if equipment of spare parts of car a replacement, aircraft, engineering, plank.

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