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large area of ​​the flooring market

surface treatment, bonding strength, wear and other good and bad.[url=http://webdots.in/wall-panel/5325.html]vinyl fence panel suppliers in philippines[/url] Therefore, it is necessary to amend the original standard. It is reported that the recent Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau also convened a special Guangzhou City, more than 120 plywood, furniture manufacturing enterprises responsible person, signed a letter of commitment on the spot quality,composite material sizes solemn commitment to the community and consumers abide by the quality and integrity to ensure product quality and safety.

Recently, Ben Wang on the floor in Guangzhou in 2010 consumer trends were investigated. According to the survey data, consumer demand for parquet consumption is highest,[url=http://deckingcomposite.org/fence/6-composite-floor-material-with-wpc.html]composite floor material with wpc[/url] and showed rapid growth. Survey, 40% of consumers expressed their willingness to buy parquet. Consumption of laminate flooring accounted for the second largest share, reaching 30%.composite deck suppliers in boston mass in washington Consumer demand accounted for 28% of solid wood flooring, came in third

place. At present, the Guangzhou area laminate flooring, [url=http://shaadighar.in/outdoor-fence/5950.html]fiberglass pergola covers[/url]solid wood flooring market share showed a tightening state; demand for parquet market demand, supply slightly less. Compared with last year's survey results, the proportion of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring in Guangzhou decreased, especially for solid wood flooring, a drop of 10%.is lighter decking cooler than darker The solid wood flooring market share of substantial growth, showing the rapid growth of

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