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She is a throwback to an earlier time in Poe

She is a throwback to an earlier time in PoE

One of the new bosses players will encounter in The Fall. She’s a piece of work and something that will challenge even the most battle-hardened warriors.poe items She is a throwback to an earlier time in poe currency buy and we wanted to know a bit more about her, how she came to be and where she fits into the story.
MMORPG: How do you come up with boss names and lore?
GGG: By now we have a lot of lore in the game, and things kind of naturally flow from older and already established things. To use the specific example, we already had another iteration of her. That version was centered on curses, so did fit well and allowed for an interesting literal interpretation of the name, making her obese with a super long tongue. This latest iteration is building on this older model, making her lose weight but keep the excess skin.buy poe items The boss fight is also themed around these different liquids in her arena, therefore seemed to fit well.buy now
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