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Training for Trainers: Facilitating “Finding My Way

Training for Trainers: Facilitating “Finding My Way

Shine news are running a four day facilitation and training programme, specifically aimed at people in recovery, who experience mental health issues. The training will provide participants with the skills to deliver Shine’s “Finding My Way” course to fellow peers. We are seeking applications from people who are:Role of Facilitator and Trainer and making the best of co-facilitation

Understanding and agreeing on Values and ethics; Recovery, Choice, Equality, Dignity, Autonomy, Personal Responsibility, Support

Developing a Group Agreement and making it meaningful; managing difficulties in the group (reverting and adding to group agreement)Finding My Way” is a programme co-produced by Shine and people in recovery, to help find our way to a better place after periods of mental distress. Many people go through these periods and it can be very disorientating and is quite common. It can be difficult to find a way forward while taking on board everything that is needed to experience a quality of life unique to each of us. The most important thing to remember is that recovery is possible and happens.

This programme will help us to get to a better place by supporting empowerment to embark on that journey of recovery. It involves a strengths based approach and acknowledges where each of us is at.

Primarily through discussion it encourages ownership of our own experiences and feelings and enables us to recognise that each person’s journey of recovery is unique. Through open ended questions, we will have a discussion around how mental health issues have impacted on each of us. Also, through being mindful of being in the moment, we wish to avoid the anxiety of focusing purely on the past or the future.

‘’The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life, is the will to try it and the faith to believe it is possible’’We have structured our sessions so that each session follows on from and builds on prior learning, scaffolding onto new and existing knowledge and encouraging participants to progress from awareness of issues, through to interpretation and on to active problem solving.
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