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Floor waxing operation to open the window ventilation

Floor wax usually contains alcohol, oil and other flammable components, most of the product manual will also indicate the logo of fire and explosion, the use of floor wax safety by a greater degree of concern.

During waxing, the chemical volatiles in the floor wax can become solid adhering to the floor, resulting in a gradual increase in the volatiles content of the air, to the point where it ignites easily. At the same time, liquid wax often use hydraulic sprinkler, and add alcohol and flavor components, in the spray encountered open flame also exists fire, explosion risk.

Although floor waxes are flammable and explosive, they can greatly reduce the risk of use if used properly. After each finished wax, wait for the floor dry 12 to 48 hours, then the second round of waxing, as far as possible to avoid volatiles stored in the wax layer between the future volatility, burying hidden dangers.

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