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Top 3 Teams Who Had the Best Draft for Madden 18

Top 3 Teams Who Had the Best Draft for Madden 18

The 2017 Madden 18 Coins draft occurred in April and a lot of teams received a ton of new young talent. We are going to break that down in how that will affect the Madden 18 rosters. Most players that have an immediate impact on a team in Madden are the guys who touch the ball a lot – Quarterback, Running back, Wide Receiver are just a few. On the defensive side, EDGE rushers & cornerbacks can really help shape a defense.

What I am saying by this is that an offensive lineman might not make an immediate impact for a Madden 18 roster. That’s not to say it is a bad pick but Madden and real life football are a little different. Let’s take a look at the three drafts that will have an immediate effect on Madden 18 rosters come August.

The Panthers added one the NCAA’s most elite football players in Christian McCaffrey.mut coins The team added some immediate help at running back who could also suffice to help out as a slot receiver. The biggest thing that he offers is his versatility in terms of use for Madden 18. His presence will allow users to create a dynamic run game with Cam Newton, Jonathon Stewart and now McCaffrey. He was a ball player at Stanford and I would predict his overall rating in August to be around an 83 or so. That’ll fluctuate throughout the season as well.

In the second round of the draft, they selected Curtis Samuel out of Ohio St. Samuel has the ability to play both running back and wide out for the team. He figures to contribute in the slot and will provide the team as being a deep threat. He is known for his speed.

Both selections brought the Panthers good offensive weapons who should contribute immediately when a user decides to play with the team. More weapons for the offense figures that players will move the ball more consistently and score points.

First, Garrett was touted as the best player in this years class and fortunately the Browns were able to select him. His presence will be felt on the defensive side of the ball where he gives them an elite option to rush the quarterback which could produce turnovers, tackles for loss and of course, Sacks. His company on the defense should be able to get to the ball plenty of times. I would guess his overall to be roughly around 84.

Next, David Njoku is the tight end from Miami University who proved to be a great pass catcher for them. His athletic frame and muscular build could provide the Browns offense with another good weapon to use. Njoku in Madden 18 could provide users with a great option.

The Browns selected Kizer in the second round and many considered him “raw” coming out of Notre Dame but that doesn’t stop me from putting him on this list. The Browns need help at quarterback and that has been obvious. Kizer could be the long term answer but in terms of Madden 18, he brings the team a very good arm. He was known for solid arm strength at his time at ND and can stretch the field. This really benefits players like Corey Coleman, Kenny Britt and Njoku.
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