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Cesar: The man who loves hot, black coffee in the summer heat

Cesar: The man who loves hot, black coffee in the summer heat

original video,We can sit at a café near my home,” Cesar answered on WeChat after I asked him where he preferred to do the interview. “I know one that's super nice.”

Then we met at the super nice café the handsome Mexican picked on Yongjia Road in the former French Concession area the following week. I saw Cesar coming on a scooter.

It was a scorching hot summer day in the middle of July. Cesar appeared with a shy smile, wearing a blue jean shirt with long sleeves and long grey trousers, while I wore a short skirt with short sleeves in an attempt to keep cool. I ordered an iced latte while Cesar chose a hot black coffee with no sugar.

“Hot?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Yes — it will be healthier. Actually, something hot will be more helpful and easier than something cold if you want to cool down in summer,” Cesar answered with a low voice but with a kind of confidence that could be felt.

After the video part was done in the small garden of the café, Cesar said goodbye to me and went back to his scooter, which he bought on Taobao. I chased him out of the café, asking him to pose for a picture with his cool set of wheels.

“Sure,” he said, nodding his head. He posed for the camera and showed his shy smile again.I came to Shanghai travelling and fell in love with the city. I want to live here, I said. So I went back to Mexico, and then I found a master in finance here in Shanghai, and while I was doing my masters, I got to know some expats and they would say, “Oh my kid needs help with math”, and I thought, “Yeah, I can do it, it’s easy for me.” So, I started teaching them and they told me I was really good, and asked why I didn’t do it as a business. Because when I finished my masters, I was wanting to stay longer, so I thought, “Okay, what can I do?”

When I was about to finish I had two options: either look for a job, or start my own business. I did get a job offer, but you know I thought the time was right to start my own business.

Right now I’m quite popular with foreign clients. We have forty tutors who are foreigners as well as Chinese, and they all work part-time.Cesar: So many, but I think the one I like is that I know the organizer for the Shanghai Rolex Masters, the Tennis Tournament — I was actually teaching his kids. So, he always invites me to the matches. But one day, he told me, “Why don’t you come here and I’ll give you passes for the restaurant”. It’s a restaurant that the players eat at. I was sitting there, and maybe two meters away was Roger Federer, who is the best tennis player in history.


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