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common plate Competition

to a sandwich biscuit, which is the 'sandwich' part of the 'biscuit', which is the main part of the door. Today, the main substrate on the market door is the particle board and MDF, part of the high-end cabinets will choose solid wood panels, they can give the cabinet door to a thick touch. The surface material of the door is obviously

sandwiched from the sides of the sandwich 'small biscuits', and it is the door of the skin, bear the daily life of the kitchen friction, water, heating and other activities. Cabinets are a wide variety of surface materials, including solid wood panels, PVC films, wood-based panels, etc., they are given a different name, which is due to this

layer of skin is different. Quality of the ring common plate Competition 1: Blister board As the name implies, the blister board needs to be hot-press blistered on the surface of the substrate. Its substrate is a density board, the surface with PVC paste by hot pressing after forming. Its substrate has chosen the MDF rather than the particle board,

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