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gardening charcoal wood is quite environmentally

in the home decoration network to make an appointment. 5 million 8 to build 60 flat small units fresh Nordic style Nordic style wedding room design sun warm house 30 flat one bedroom single apartment design Scandinavian style Mercure 71 flat Nordic attic decoration design single men and women favorite 125 level Second - hand housing renovation case 100,000 to build romantic Nordic wind.Chalet pavilion in the purchase depends on its durability,

environmental protection, stability and moisture resistance and so on. Chalet pavilion in the match, you can add coffee table, table, light, and so on. The following is a small series of wooden pavilions Xu Ang enough and with a detailed description. 1, the durability of wood components in the carbonization process occurred in a complex chemical reaction, changes in the wood of certain ingredients, reducing the wood rotten nutrient nutrients, from the food chain this

One part of the inhibition of fungi in the growth of wood, while the wood in the process of the occurrence of complex chemical reactions also produce some harmful ingredients of rotten bacteria, can kill rotten bacteria. Therefore, the carbonization of wood corrosion resistance and weather resistance significantly improved, with anti-rotten, anti-termite, anti-fungal effect. 2, the treatment of environmentally friendly wood carbonization for the purely physical

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