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flooring industry is a turning point

The face of increasingly rational consumer market, flooring companies to continue to enrich their own three-tier parquet product line, to guide consumer demand, affordable prices,synthetic wood boat docks quality products supplemented by perfect after-sales service to meet market demand, to ensure the quality of consumption. Golden eagle Iige floor board chairman Lin Dalan told reporters: 'Three-tier solid wood flooring manufacturing process can save forest resources,[url=http://a-wooddeck.com/panel/4103.html]recycled bleach bottle decking material suppliers[/url] formaldehyde release limit belongs to a level of environmental protection, as the three-tier solid wood processing technology is more advanced, its product performance ratio Solid wood, the floor can

be done very large,pool decking for 18x33 above groung large room covered with a large floor will look very nice. 'Insiders pointed out that China's flooring industry is a turning point in the transformation of the industry, the domestic market by the enterprise unprecedented attention,[url=http://a-wooddeck.com/deck/3947.html]presentation for advantage of shere wall[/url] Three-tier solid wood flooring export resistance and thus fought in the domestic market, 13 floor brand enterprises together Baotuan heating is to jointly promote the three-tier solid wood composite industry development, to bring consumers high cost of high quality products, while promoting the entire industry Of the structural optimization and industrial upgrading, 13 companies are 1/3 are export-

oriented enterprises, at this critical moment, adjust the product structure, expand domestic demand, 13 joint help each other is conducive to the integration of the industry.prefab wood porch steps Which lasted nearly a year of Sino-US wood flooring intellectual property rights of the battle recently issued the Chinese flooring sector exciting news: the United States International Trade Commission ruling, the elephant group,[url=http://a-wooddeck.com/panel/1960.html]patio surface urban rooftop[/url] Feilinger, up three Chinese flooring manufacturing company joint design Of the 'No. 7 lock floor' products can enter the United States. Because the other has the right to appeal, so whether the success of the breakout there is no exact news. But this

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