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Water into the wooden floor?

Respecting the family is decorated in wooden floor how moistureproof problem, as weather change causefloor board very easily mildewy, be out of shape, enter Chun Xia especially such monsoon receives season,

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the floor is out of shape include interstitial, arch to rise, concave and convex wait for problem phenomenon.

The right moisture content question that chooses wooden floor board ifoundation, the bibulous rate of wooden floor will react the problem such as technology of its flexibility, bake,

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the water proofing property of the wooden floor of general big manufacturer more on the safe sidfew, wooden floor chooses the lumber such as beans of teak, heavy formic wood, face cream wood as far as possible, these lumber contain very strong oil, undertake ego is protected.

Damp Chun Xia is seasonal, coating becomes moldy easily also, blacken, so some paint are met the problem such as bleb, nigrescent even, become angry, mould also spreads quickly, was to bring about film to fall off even.

Wall appeared the problem such as mould can use bleaching powder to undertake daub metope, but real wood floor cannot use this method, still had better choosfew sparge according to the characteristic of wooden floor,

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such operations rise to still can solve mould problem very easily.

Wooden floor if the surface has besmirch, can choose wet towel to undertake clearingfew alkalescent chemical preparation had better not be used, the place of meeting dirt is wiped directly with dry dishcloth can,

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if bfew unmanageable besmirch can be used,divide professionally corrupt fluid, using clean towel to come next gently wipe.

Stand or fall of floor lumber choice will be affected directly waterproof detail and be out of shape problem, what there ilot of on market now is phyletic, customer had better decide when the choice according to particular case, if domestic moisture has d1 waterproof work badly even, dehumidify also should be used in daily life implement.

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