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Take a Shanghai getaway to Qiandaohu

Take a Shanghai getaway to Qiandaohu

It's always good to shanghai to qiandao lake. And while epic road trips through the wilds of China or beach holidays in Bali are great, but if you are yearning for a quick day trip away from the bustling streets of Shanghai and have a penchant for scenic views and small hikes, Qiandao Lake (千岛湖) is the perfect getaway. Otherwise known as the Thousand Islets Lake, Qiandao lies about 150 kilometers west of Hangzhou in Chun'an county. The largest National Forest Park in China, it boasts 95 percent forest coverage and houses more than 1,800 species of plants and approximately 2,000 species of animals. As well as getting in touch with nature, it's also a great place for mountaineering, cycling and water sports. Although it's possible to spend a couple of days or so there, we went for a day trip that packed in the best that this beautiful part of the world has to offer in four scenic hours.
During your day trip, explore the Southeast Lake District (东南湖区) – a great spot for snapping some picturesque photos and raking in those Instagram likes. You can also hike around Tianchi (天池), or 'heaven's pool', and strut your stuff alongside the hundreds of peacocks on Bird Island.
The full journey from Shanghai to Qiandaohu takes around four hours, so plan your departure accordingly. Catch the early train (best before 8am) leaving for Hangzhou East Station from Shanghai's Hongkou Railway Station. The train ride is about an hour.
After you've reached Hangzhou East Station, purchase bus tickets at the terminal for buses bound towards Qiandaohu. The timings are rather erratic and differ from day to day. Unless you've purchased a ticket beforehand, it is likely that they will be sold out. But fret not, you can take a taxi (45RMB approx) down to Hangzhou West Bus Terminal, buses to Qiandaohu runs every 20 minutes from there. Tickets are sold at the counter for 73RMB. It's a two-hour journey down to Qiandaohu, ample time to munch on some breakfast while taking in the views and greenery outside.


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