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How To Get the China E-Channel as a Foreigner

How To Get the China E-Channel as a Foreigner

One of the biggest headaches for us as “cross border” business people, specifically those crossing the e-channel shanghai and Hong Kong border on a regular basis, is the border! Here at Global From Asia we have an extensive guide covering Hong Kong border crossings and have met even more people in our shoes.

We have gotten tons of comments and emails from readers and friends to optimize this border crossing, and today we are sharing some new tips – getting the China E-Channel. Thanks to Cameron Walker who gave us the tip, as well as some others who gave hints on the comments section of our Hong Kong border crossing post.For those who have crossed the border here a few times have noticed about half the border are these pods people are walking through. It’s a way to “skip” talking to a customs official and place your ID card or passport on the scanner, the door opens, and you then go inside the “pod”. In the pod they take your fingerprint and scan your face. Once they see this matches you on the file, the door to enter (or leave) China is complete.
At Shenzhen Bay border, as well as at Huanggang border, they told me the hours to apply are between 8am and 6pm. And don’t get there at 5:45pm either, they wouldn’t let me apply when I arrived at that time because they said each application takes 10 minutes and there is a queue ahead of me already.


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