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I give you fair warning, shoe lovers: you should read this post at your peril, because if you’re anything like me (and I know at least a few of you who ARE), as soon as you see some of the shoes I have to show you today, you’re going to want to spend a whole lot of money on shoes. Like these ones, Coach Outlet for instance:I mean, I thought the heart-front flats I showed you last week were going to be hard enough to resit, but then they go and make a pair with heels? And not only that, but super-cute heels, with a pink glitter heart, shot through with a silver arrow? Do they think I’m made of Coach Factory Outlet steel or something? Because I’m pretty sure that’s Superman they’re thinking of, if so…)But that’s not all I have to show you. No, there’s also these:OK, so those two are actually the same shoe, just in different Michael Kors colours. I couldn’t decide which I preferred though, so I’m sure you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me for showing you them both, so YOU can decide. These ones, however, are different:I think these are probably my favourites of this little selection: those bows are to die for, and I also like the pink/multi pattern on the rest of the upper, which so fun and spring-like. These also come in gold, but it’s the pink version that’s won my heart – Michael Kors Outlet Online Sale and it’s the pink version that’s found its way onto my ASOS Wish List, too – whoops. One of these days I’m going to crack and hit the “add all to basket” link, and what an amazing -and extremely expensive – day that will be.One thing’s for sure, though: I think ASOS have definitely cemented Longchamp their reputation as my favourite high street shoe retailer: for this month, at least.
Yes, it’s another post about Betty London: and another post about gold ballet flats, too. I’d apologise, but I think you all know by now that I’m a creature of habit, and gold flats are one of mine.Actually, ‘habit’ is probably Coach Factory Store the wrong word here: it kind of implies that I keep buying shoes like this purely because it’s what I’ve always done, without any kind of thought process whatsoever. Actually, though, the opposite is true: my dedication to the gold flat is the result of many years of trial and error, during which I came Coach Purses to realise that this is a style that really is indispensable to me – and which I can’t really have too many pairs of.I’m not quite sure how many pairs of gold flats are currently lurking in my closet, but I DO know that, whatever that number is, it’s never really enough, which is why http://www.coachoutletonlinefactoryoutlet.com I chose to spend this month’s Spartoo voucher on this pair of gold, Betty London flats.These are a classic pair of ballet flats, with a rounded toe and a small bow at the vamp. The gold leather upper is actually a little more sparkly than it looks in my photo, which makes it a great Longchamp Bag choice for the Christmas party season – although I, of course, will be wearing these all year round: I’m wearing them as U write this, in fact, because they’ve rarely left my feet since they arrived last week!Size-wise, I ordered my usual size, which is just a little bit more snug than I would ideally Longchamp Outlet like. A half-size up would have been perfect, but as that wasn’t available, I kept them anyway, and have found that regular wear has helped stretch out the leather just enough to create the right fit – and save the day!
These shoes are so beautiful I just had to make Shoeperman stop what he Coach Outlet Online was doing to come and look at them. Shoeperman wasn’t remotely interested, to be absolutely honest: in fact, when pressed on the subject, his main observations were “they’re very red” and “that’s a really big bow”… which is accurate, I guess, but which really doesn’t even begin to sum up the beauty that is this Longchamp Sale shoe, does it?If these were from a cheaper brand, they’d have been in my online shopping basket and on their way to me before you could so much as blink: alas, however, cheaper brands never seem to manage to pull off this kind of style – we have to leave that to Miu Miu, who’ve Michael Kors Outlet been making bows like this for years now, and who just seem to get better and better at it. Even without the bow, the shint patent upper and curved heel on these shoes would’ve made them show-stoppers: with it, however, I actually think I’m going to have to look away from the screen, because Michael Kors Outlet Online they’re just too tempting.On the subject of bright red, however, Miu Miu have quite a lot of it available at the moment, and as it would all go perfectly with the shoes (I know a lot of people don’t like the “one colour” look, but I do, so…), here are just a few pieces. There’s Michael Kors Handbags this red wool coat, for instance:

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