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the mortise and tenon structure should

the production of pure handmade nanmu furniture should be half machine half manual. Like the mortise and tenon structure should be done must be done by a machine perfectness. Like the engraving, the machine is relatively inflexible, it must be decorated by skilled master of sculpture to make it more romantic. Misunderstanding three: buy gold Phoebe nanmu furniture furniture is to appreciate Chinese as a

treasure of traditional culture, appreciation is a natural process, we buy nanmu furniture, should hold a common heart, to enjoy the taste and pleasure. Don't stare at the old price changes, as prices worry about personal gains and losses. Myth four: nanmu furniture must be placed complete Chinese style decoration beauty is mutual, beautiful things can be across space, across borders and across time. If the

house is a modern decoration, embellishment a few pieces of Nanmu furniture, also do not have a charm, and a fine piece of Nanmu furniture is one of the best decoration. Misunderstanding five: "light" furniture must trust the so-called "light" is the furniture polished after not painting, not waxing, coloring on direct sales. But not all their furniture are not tricky. If you really want to buy real nanmu furniture, to

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