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oxidation and so on, a piece of old wooden

must be drilled first. Very resistant to decay. Dry slowly, slightly split. Air dried density 1~1.2g/ cm is used in heavy structures, offshore buildings, load-bearing floors, shipbuilding, bridges, wharves, sleepers, poles, joinery, furniture, acid containers, etc.. C, Thai teak: distributed in Southeast Asian countries. Tree height up to 50M, diameter about 1.5M. It is one of the most famous and valuable timber in the

world. With the golden luster, slightly smell of leather, oil sexy. The texture is straight, the structure is a little rough, the weight and hardness of the stem is reduced, the processing is easy, and the section is smooth. Containing silica, easy blunt tool, paint, glue, nail holding. Very resistant to rot and good drying properties. 0.58~0.67 g/ cm3. for shipbuilding decks, vehicles, floors, advanced furniture, interior

decoration, planing, cutting, veneer, decorative plywood and veneer, engraving, piano shell, chemical facilities, etc.. Because the global timber reserves have dropped sharply, Thailand, Southeast Asia, India and Eastern Europe, Russia and other countries all restrict the export of timber, which leads to the shortage of the original solid wood products. Compared to wood, ships, wood, art, mosaic, value for

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