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healthy floor

Generally 50 square meters of space should be set 1 ~ 3 detection points.For the family, the space for wood-based board to detect formaldehyde, there is the space for paint to detect benzene, TVOC and volatile matter;There is natural stone to detect radon.

According to the experience of testing, the incidence of radon in the family is relatively small at present, and the common family detects formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and its volatile matter.It costs about 900 yuan or so.And the indoor air detection is best before the furniture is placed, otherwise it is not easy to identify the liability for pollution.

The lazy person experienced the healthy floor best to buy the case replay: Mrs. Xie new in the Xicheng District of the commercial housing,After decorating and moving in, Ms. Xie felt that not only the floor smell of the floor, but also make people dizzy.

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