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Condensate Water Treatment: Because Steam Boiler Pipes Are Corroding!

Condensate Water Treatment: Because Steam Boiler Pipes Are Corroding!

Before we talk about why it is so important to treat your boiler system’s condensate, we should probably first discuss what condensate is and why it is important. (If you already know, please skip to the next section.) If you have a steam boiler, your boiler system produces steam. Steam leaves the boiler through piping to transfer heat to something; usually a heat exchanger or steam jacket. When the steam condenses in the pipe it is called condensate. pbtca This condensate water has very little impurities in it. In fact, condensate is practically 100% pure, clean water… and it’s very hot, which makes it the perfect fit for boiler feed water. That’s why one of the best things that you can do at your facility is capture and return as much hot condensate water back to the boiler as possible. Returning the condensate back to the boiler saves water, but more importantly, it saves fuel. If condensate is not returned to the boiler, then the boiler needs to have fresh water introduced, which needs to be pre-heated, which burns fuel. The bottom line is, if you can return most of your condensate and keep it hot, you can save tons of money in energy.

There is, however, a dark side to this seemingly wonderful condensate. As mentioned earlier, condensate is almost 100% pure water, and pure water is one of the most corrosive elements on the planet; especially when it comes in contact with steel and starts to cool.


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