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7 Ways To Lower Your Anxiety

Anxiety is probably more widespread than you believe.


The truth is, it is the most common mental health disorder.

Anxiety might be experienced relating to something specific or a blend of lots of things.

Were you aware ??¦ Anxiety disorders affect 18% of females and 11% of men? (ABS, 2007)Anxiety

Common Indications of Anxiety

  feeling irritable or on edge

  disturbed sleeping patterns

  feeling scared or fearful

  losing patience easily or having outbursts

  being pessimistic and focusing more about negative facets of situations

Physical Signs of Anxiety

  muscle tension and headaches

  difficulty concentrating

  influencing a flare of other illnesses e.g. skin problems for instance dermatitis, migraines or asthma

  (Beyond Blue, 2014)

7 Solutions To Lessen Your Anxiety

   Use Relaxation techniques like meditation and progressive muscle relaxation

   Use mindfulness techniques

   Take advantage of your social support network

   Access support groups and web-based forums

   Engage in physical exercise

   Have a healthy well-balanced diet

   Seek professional help from your psychologist

Help In Lowering Anxiety

Many services are available that concentrate on treatments for anxiety symptoms.

If anxiety is making your day by day life difficult, it might be a smart idea to get in touch with your doctor regarding your options.

If you wish assistance within the strategy to anxiety or to discover a psychologist in Perth, e mail us today.


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