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good law further

The company receives decision postscript, halted production that day according to the requirement, personnel of constituent production technology is made to relevant equipment be checked in the round and update, made new operating rules, serious study is new at the same time " content of boiler air pollution discharges a standard " etc is relevant pollutant discharge standard, seasonable to environmental protection branch written report corrects illegal condition.

Set to ensure the contaminant in producing a course discharges be good law further each discharge a standard, sen Huamu course of study introduced an equipment of advanced environmental protection technology technically, apply for to be restricted to produce to environmental protection branch switch on the mobile phone 6 months, the setup that has facility is debugged and discharge amount to mark to detect, won the approval of bureau of city environmental protection.

Meanwhile, company the affirmatory book that issued article begin to mention to environmental protection branch, conveyed rectify and reform the determination that reach the designated position stoutly. Course of study of Finnish dimension Sen Mu: Finland is the biggest familial curium wooden industry Course of study of Finnish dimension Sen Mu is Finnish the biggest familial curium wooden industry, its history is OK restrospect to 2946.

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