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Teach you how to do a floor easily

Recently, the netizen asks about: Must floor of laid real wood hit keel? It is shop of real wood floor directly on cement ground, be no good all right? Network of Chinese wood floor is small make up remind,easy to make pvc hand rail for outdoor steps solid Mudebanzhi receives a shop to be on cement ground, this problem divides a circumstance to do:

1. The place area existence that becomes you is rough practice of keel of wood of the choice below the case that rectify or did not apply make level layer, the charge that tell a province comes on the project again, wooden keel chooses 40*40 commonly or personnel activity uses the sectional measure of 40*60 greatly, span is done above all by the modulus of wooden floor,pvc decking square metre uk but in be more than, be apart from 350, wooden keel piece should want to bite a mouth to use and add glue, with the ground fixed be in with anticorrosive wood brick the left and right sides of wooden keel, the glyph that press hill secures wooden keel piece! Before installation, the bottom flank of wooden keel all brushs preservative coating 2-3 to all over! Of wooden keel go up smooth light wanting planing machine, plane wants after installation is over! Real wood floor is secured with helix hammer.

2. If be below the condition that economy allows, floor strength is great (the spatial) that the elephant often holds a party, after the 1st work is complete, spread 9 plywood completely or 18 big core board, the effect is much better, walk along above foot to feel first-rate, quality does not give an issue. Spreading 9 plywood completely or 18 big core board before if conditional word is bought some insect-resistant it is better inside keel that medicine is placed!

3. If floor grass-roots unit is good,stool for sale in Sevilla Spain need not do wooden keel, but need has done moistureproof processing. Use the area above all after pulling cloth to had been wiped dry, spread moistureproof film completely again floor!

4. The wooden keel that wooden floor chooses (put bar) , wool floor and mat earth installation must firm, flat, best besmear has antiseptic.

5, hardwood facing should among to spread a hammer quadrilateral,outdoor kid fence trinidad wooden floor and all around metope should stay have 5 to 10mm expand interstitial, pin with the line that play a base, cannot show of sth gives the trick out.

6, rigor of wooden floor juncture, do not leave a mark, contact position stagger, prison sticking a hammer solid, go above without the feeling that become loose, and should ring soundlessly.

7, the surface of wooden floor should be slipped by burnish light, the mark that do not have dig, without thorn, without scar, wooden grain clarity, grain fluent, colour and lustre agrees equably.

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