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annatto raw material

The near future, because annatto raw material exports a nation in succession " close " , annatto material origin decreases quickly, bring about price of raw material of domestic annatto market to rise considerably, bring bigger impact to annatto furniture industry. So, how should be annatto furniture company answered? Recently, the reporter visited company of furniture of annatto of our city part, with entrepreneur people the communication that had development.

Exit country " close " , material rises in price "Actually, be in early will be in severe danger this year in October convention of international trade of species of wild vivid plant (before the 27th times signatory congress holds CITES) , material of a few annatto has begun to rise in price. " Wang Haiyang of president of double kermes wood says, "Laos, Kampuchea,

Burmese wait for a country raw to a few annatto material (semi-manufactured goods) bound is exported (close) hind, the range that these lumber rise in price is bigger. The range that these lumber rise in price is bigger.. According to president of annatto of Home Lu art circles Lujia forest introduces, hedgehog rosewood (Africa spends pear) the price from former 4000 multivariate / ton went up present 7500 multivariate / ton, make foot yellow a surname (branch of bright red acid) , cling to in yellow wingceltis (beautiful branch) ,

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