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Shanghai port to Shanghai (Pudong) airport after disembarkation

Shanghai port to Shanghai (Pudong) airport after disembarkation

Please share your experiences disembarking in Shanghai and then getting to Pudong airport. shuttle bus shanghai We will be disembarking Ocean Princess on Saturday, March 20 (ship arrival 7 am) and have booked a 12:25 pm flight. At the time frequent flyer tickets became available & I was bound & determined to get them, Princess had no information about suggested flight times (I called several times). I have now learned that they recommend no flights before 2 pm and they will not offer a transfer for anyone who has booked flights before that time. I didn't want a ship transfer anyway - but I also don't want us to miss our flight! We have done express disembarkation in the past & are willing to do it if it's available (Princess could not tell us this even now).

Any experiences/advice/suggestions/warnings?? We have already seen some of Shanghai on a river cruise and no, we cannot stay another night due to work commitments & animal care issues. Thanks very much!
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