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stable batch produces

online birth rate exceeds 110m/min, stable batch produces large base to spend beaverboard under the ultrathin high density of 1.5mm, the smallest ply amounts to 1.0mm, broke through definition of level of beaverboard product state to produce large base limit. According to national forestry bureau man-made board and its goods quality inspection detect center (Nanjing) detect, 0.95g/cm3 of this product density, jing Qujiang spends 53.4MPa,

stretch model measures 4098 MPa, the surface combines intensity 1.41 MPa, bibulous ply expands rate 25.7% , formaldehyde releases quantity 3.2mg/100g, each index all reachs existing state level. Shandong saves home of international of place of information of academy of sciences to check new result to make clear, did not see with make the same score continuously pressure, ply of stable batch production spends the document with same beaverboard to report under the ultrathin high density of 1.5mm.

At present this product basically applies at facing man-made board base material (directional particieboard, multilayer plywood, joinery board etc) answer stick, answer the facing after sticking stability of man-made board dimension is taller, adornment effect is better. Furniture of this explicit gift package, modelling, circuit dominates the field such as plywood of interior trim of watch board, car market application perspective is wide, will become likely in certain domain come back cut veneer, thin aluminium board the substitute that wait.

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