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Two season extend year aptly floor of outfit real wood

Net of Chinese wooden floor chromatism phenomenon is common floor of consist in real wood and solid Mu Fu join floor body. Especially real wood floor, off color phenomenon is relatively apparent,Diy Turtle Planter From Landscape Timbers a lot of consumer are this depressed unceasingly. Network of Chinese wood floor is small make up friendship to remind: Normal floor chromatism allows, real wood floor produces off color to have 3 big reasons.

1, the floor that make it of the root that use a tree is a little in one box floor, some are the floors of make it of the take along sth to sb that use a tree, the floor color that stands by tree root is deep, the local color that weight big; stands by the tip of a tree is light, the local color that weight light; stands by bark is light, the local color that weight light;wood plastic composites extrusion boards supplier stands by tree heart is deep, weight is great. Accordingly, everybody discovers depth of the color in one box floor sometimes abhorrent, weight is different it is this reason.

2, of the floor board way is different (if some floors are diameter,become, some are bowstring cut and become) , grain of the floor after treatment comes out is abhorrent, where to buy porch swings out of artificial decking two floors of different wood grain are put off color also can appear on the vision together, install the worker's elaborate adjustment with respect to need at this moment.

3, wood is porous material, the material qualitative density of different position is different, the level that each place attracts the light and paint is different also, this color that why is the same as the both sides on a floor namely can appear the account with depth and the color conflicting depth with different adsorptive grain (the problem that if appear on the floor together,two kinds of different color attribute tone in that way) .Inexpensive 10 Foot Composite Decking Overall for, decorative pattern is old and thick wood is planted off color is bigger, grain is little and exquisite wood is planted off color is lesser. Whole of grain is big and thick floor shop outfit feels thick mad, natural, have haggard beautiful; grain small and exquisite floor is relaxed, clean, not absolutely good with bad, answer to decide according to the style of the bedroom.

Relative to character, the wood with the at present bigger chromatism on market plants have: Beans of pistil of jade of skin of beans of case wood, 2 wings, drill rod, dried up, heavy formic wood, oak. The wood with lesser chromatism plants: Borneol line of wood of sweet, riches and honour, cattail peach wood, iron child, fruit tree of black heart Mu Lian, hophornbeam, garlic. Other wood is planted interpose between above.

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