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According to the police report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The lawyer for metropolis Jaguars linebacker Dan Skuta aforesaid his consumer was in remission in metropolis "for one thing that merely wholesale nfl jerseys didn't happen."

Skuta was in remission early Wholesale nfl jerseys June nineteen on electric battery charge for allegedly pushing a woman's face and inflicting her head to hit a glass window. per metropolis Police, Skuta had alcohol on his breath and unhealthy eyes. He was later discharged on a $500 bond.

Attorney Mark NeJame aforesaid he's "confident can|this may|this can} be resolved favourably to Dan and also cheap nfl jerseys the truth will start off on his innocence and group action. Dan has an impressive name and is hurt by the unfair association to any such allegation and is assured that the complete truth can shortly be determined."

According to the police report, the controversialist aforesaid Skuta approached her on the road and "began reprimand her and Wholesale Cleveland Browns Jerseys flirtation along with her." once Skuta asked for the woman's sign, she aforesaid no, and a verbal run-in ensued.

Skuta's lawyer aforesaid Cleveland Browns Jerseys the women's story was "entirely created up."

"We raise that there be no rush to judgment, as Dan is innocent," NeJame aforesaid. "Erroneous conclusions mustn't be jumped to. Eye witnesses WHO we've got already received statements from in our initial investigation can attest that Dan was aboard his girlfriend once this invented event purportedly materialized and solely verbally tutored 2 ladies WHO were harassing his friends to depart them alone.

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