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concrete or the building

Nevertheless, reinforced concrete or the building now hold very preponderance position in the bound, the intensity problem of lumber is limitative timberwork architectural main reason. Nevertheless, in recent years " project lumber " very great progress was achieved on the technology,

for example " across is compound lumber " (Cross-laminated Timber, namely CLT) building materials of this kind of innovation, will multilayer lumber uses sizy agglutinate with proper point of view, let timberwork become more stable and solid. The progress on these technologies, timberwork architectural possibility was abounded on certain level. Consequently, discuss about timberwork architectural more and more fervent also.

Be in of last week on November 30, be located in bright Buddhist nun the 7 high-rise T3 of Si Beihuan block of A wave benefit is formal practice. This builds the building that company MGA and DLR company combination design by Wengehua, also be the United States current the oldest wood building,

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