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lumber entrance

Because Shanghai port is busy, lumber entrance is connected close slow, carriage process for many times change trains, bring about cost to increase considerably. As Yu Xinou the class lists normalization to move, europe and Russia lumber can use resource of empty eontainers of Yu Xinou return to enter Chongqing directly,

arrive through becoming change railroad after organizing into groups of freight of Chongqing west station always plain goods station, can reduce change trains and haul distance, economic carriage time already, reduce lumber to take condition cost, return the security that can enhance our country lumber to import, promote Yu Xinou the integral benefit that international content spreads big channel.

2 it is to be helpful for developing Chongqing to be in better change city group radiation drives action. Current, main layout is in countrywide lumber port area of coastal edge border district, inland still belongs to blank western. Change city is become in the country group in the program, always plain be in economy of upper reaches of the Yangtse River belt and into () - inside (river) - change (Chongqing) the overlay division that economy heads,

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