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Fashion Breguet-Reine de Naples Collection-Haute Joaillerie at fashionsalewatch.com


Fake Breguet watches
Fashion Breguet-Reine de Naples Collection-Haute Joaillerie-8918BB/58/J39 D00D Replica watch
The detail this watch information as follow:

Ref. No:8918BB/58/J39 D00D

Case:white gold

Diameter:36.50 mm




replica Breguet watches
You aren't likely to get rich by purchasing timepieces and later selling them at auction for profit. Most honorable auctioneers will certainly agree. Timepieces are "emotional investments" whose values can fluctuate wildly and on a whim. If you are the type of person who is very good at understanding the mentality behind purchase decisions, and feel like you want to take a stab at manipulating a market then you might have what it takes to be amongst the few people in the world who make money by buying and selling timepieces at auction.

Everyone else should be aware that timepieces make excellent collectibles and are wonderful to learn about and own, but consider them a luxury expense and not an investment vehicle. This is important to think about, because some watch companies, retailers, or auction houses like to suggest the notion of items increasing in value over time, and that purchasing certain timepieces is a "good investment." Watches make as good of an investment as cars do. Most lose a lot of value after being purchased new and have an expected level of depreciation each year. If you are lucky enough to have a car (or watch) that will vastly increase in value and wasn't extremely expensive to begin with, it will most likely only do so long after you have passed away.

The fact that a timepiece was owned by a celebrity or important person is, not surprisingly, linked to higher auction values. In my book, The World's Most Expensive Watches I discussed a Longines wrist watch owned by Albert Einstein that went for several hundred thousand dollars at auction, while the same timepiece without its celebrity provenance would have been worth dramatically less. Therefore, the story of who owned a timepiece is, in many instances, worth a lot more than the watch itself. Knowing this, watch auction houses often attempt to bolster the importance of a watch or other object by trying to connect it with an important person, place, or event. The problem is that in some instances, they are simply wrong. Claims about a watch's ownership or provenance are supported by various types of documentation such as receipts, letters, pictures, and more. A close examination of the evidence about a timepiece's proclaimed ownership is really important in getting the full story, because in the worst instances, the auction house is flat out lying.

The most successful auction houses in the world such as Christie's and Sotheby's put out beautiful catalogs with lavish pictures and descriptions of the items they intend to sell. These companies, and others like them are masters of presentation. Watch auctions themselves are often semi-formalized events with their share of VIPs and media. Watch auction houses also dedicate a lot of media to promoting and advertising their sales. This is all sound business and something that legitimately helps inform interested people in their upcoming auction events. This glamour, however, is part of the sales technique, and is designed to make people feel excited about participating, as well as about the results of an auction. Watch auction houses also often work with various charities and other organizations to do benefit events and help raise money for philanthropic causes. In this sense, watch auction houses are about entertaining a particular wealthy demographic with sales events, as much as they are about offering collectors a venue to own rare and desirable goods.

Breguet cheapest watches
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