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Popular Webmaster and Adult Crusader

Some overzealous individuals and organizations are always quick to place blame on adult sites, saying they foster immoral activity and child pornography. nThese comments are,air max rouge homme, of course,chaussure air max homme, unfounded and unjustified. But how often do you see someone stick up for the entire adult industry as a whole? nAlec Helmy does so on a regular basis. Helmy,nike air max nouvelle, president of adult Internet media company HELMY Enterprises Inc., not only runs a number of well-respected adult sites, but is also the innovator of ASACP (Adult Sites Against Child Pornography),air max blanche 2016, a non-profit organization dedicated to wiping out child pornography. nASACP first launched in 1996, not long after the launch of Helmy first adult site. Helmy says he founded ASACP because he thought the media was skewering facts about the adult industry and child pornography. Believing the industry needed a voice to express its utter disgust and disapproval of such vile content as his official biography states,air max thea 2016, he launched ASACP. To date, the organization has helped to bring down literally hundreds of child pornography sites. nAside from ASACP,nike air max 95 femme, Helmy operates a diverse set of adult Web sites. While Helmy is president of the over all company, he become less involved as the sites and his staff grow. only involved in the decision-making process he says. main goal was to organize the most complete set of webmaster resource links in the most user-friendly format he says. nThe site proved to be very popular, and now sees more than 1600 webmasters passing through a day. Helmy says the traffic load required him to obtain a dedicated server, which he hosts in-house. dedicated servers allow us to optimize our website performance as well as increase flexibility for future expansions he says. nAlthough he has launched some of the Internet most popular adult content sites, an extremely popular adult webmaster site and one of the most trumpeted anti-child pornography sites on the Internet,air max basket, Helmy says his work is far from over. example he says is far from reaching its plateau Over the next year, Helmy says the site will most likely increase its webmaster offerings and become an even more prominent player in its field. TheWHIR is an iNET Interactive property. In the red corner: OpenStack. So which costs less? Get your free TCO report from Cloud Spectator to find out!

From Arbor Networks and Gartner: A Whitepaper on Distributed Denial of Service. How is works, the risks and costs of being attacked and how to best control the problem.

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