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air max 97 A Horse Belongs In A Herd A Horse Belongs In A Herd

How To Look After an Old Horse or Pony

The life expectancy of a horse is mid 30s. Knowing how to look after an older horse is critical to its wellbeing.

Care Requirements Change Over Time

A horse is considered a veteran at over 15, however once a horse gets into its 20s its care requirements can change. Horses should be ridden for as long as their physical condition allows. Listen to the horse to judge how much work to continue to do with them and reduce their workload slowly.

Retirement And The Health Of Your Horse

Once a horse is retired their physical structure can change quickly. Be vigilant to the changes. Just like humans,air max one, the less exercise we get,air max 2016 premium, the more sluggish we are and the more our bones ache, and horses are no different.

Pay attention to their weight as their workload changes to ensure they do not gain too much. Conversely horses may lose weight as their muscle tissue diminishes.

The feed requirement for any horse should be based on breed and workload. An older horse is likely to require more nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and a good balance of roughage and fibre. There are numerous products on the market specifically created to balance the diet of an older horse.

Use A Vet

It important that older horses are checked by a vet twice annually,air max rouge. Particular attention should be paid to their teeth and feet. The horse teeth are vital for their food consumption,air max nike noir. Horses will graze for up to 15 hours a day and sore gums due to poor tooth care mean they won get vital roughage in their diet,air max 95 blanche. If this is the case it important to provide a good supply of hay or haylage so you can monitor food intake.

Older horses may also need attention from the blacksmith to ensure their feet and legs maintain a good blood flow to keep their joints supple.

A Horse Belongs In A Herd

It important to remember that a horse is a herd animal,nike air max 1 2015, and their internal organs require them to move to digest their food. Leaving a horse standing still and alone all day will not only upset them, it will also disrupt their digestive system and exacerbate any joint stiffness.

Older Horses In Winter

Older horses can lose the ability to maintain their natural warmth and can sometimes lack the natural oils in their coat. It important to ensure an older horse is provided with a rug during wet and cold months.

The older horses back can start to sag as they become older,air max 95 femme, giving the appearance of higher withers. If this is the case, it important to ensure a rug with a higher neckline is purchased to ensure their rug fits properly.
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